Van Medevoort Audio vM CT460

The Van Medevoort CT460 stereo CD transport top loader is designed to match the vM DA466 and DA468 D/A converters. The same heavy, rigid housing is used to minimize resonances and mechanical distortion. The CD transport mechanism is mounted on a multiple sub chassis with vibration absorption and using an elastic suspension to isolate against acoustic feedback. Only audiophile quality components are used in the power supplies and the digital circuits. A vM Super Clock is placed for perfect timing, but also minimum jitter and phase distortion. Extra control options are available, such as repeat or random play, by using the remote control. Next to the gold plated digital coaxial RCA and XLR outputs, there is also an optical output available and of course the best (I2S) connection to our converters: vM Q-Link.

• stereo CD transport
• top loader system with exclusive designed stabilizer
• special vM Super Clock with low phase distortion and jitter
• digital outputs – Q-Link, XLR, coaxial and optical
• multiple stage vM power supplies
• audiophile digital circuitry for optimal soundstage
• highly musical performance
• remote controlled by RC5
• silver / black finished front plate


78000 Kč


CD mechanism CD-Pro2LF metal frame
Conform Red Book protocol
Signal format 16 bit PCM - 44.1 kHz
Disc format CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Disc support 80 / 120mm (IEC908)
Q-Link Clock input 16.9344 MHz
Outputs / connectors 4 / RCA, XLR + Optical
Output SPDif and Q-Link 0.5 Vp-p (EBU-XLR 4Vp-p)
Power supply 115-230 Volt / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption 20 / 30 Watt – stb / on
Weight 11.5 kg
Size w x h (h+feet) x d 434 x 94 (108) x 390 mm