Actinote Aria RCA

Achieved without compromise, the Aria interconnect cable has several screens embedded systems to eradicate the microvibrations and any form of mechanical distortion in the audible spectrum.

Aria is a ‘must’ in terms of design and is undoubtedly the ideal link to connect the electronics elite.
A pearly white permeable textile jacket effectively secures the succession of armor. The conductors are made ​​of pure copper and there is not in Teflon insulation.

Actinolite is manufacturing its own connectors on strict specifications. This RCA plug uses the principle of minimal metal mass. The central axis is hollow, and its surface is longitudinally cut by parallel curved ridges that act as lamellar spring when the plug is inserted into a chassis jack. All metal parts are made of rhodium, whose conductivity properties are well established. For the body of the plug, Actinote opted for wood, rigid and lightweight natural material that provides no “color” to the sound.

Our standard lengths:
Aria RCA 83 (2 x 83 cm)
Aria RCA 130 (2 x 130 cm)


Aria RCA 83 (2 x 83 cm) 22880 Kč
Aria RCA 130 (2 x 130 cm) 25740 Kč