Van Medevoort Audio vM DA470

The Van Medevoort DA470 two channel DA-converter is built with very high grade audio components, the best sounding chip-sets, with extreme low distortion and jitter for the most musical performance with any kind of music. The cabinet is very rigid with a beautiful finish and completed with a very exclusive front plate. Only high grade parts of audiophile quality are used. Three SPDif inputs switchable for different connections. There is a Q-Link, exclusive i2s input for the best connections of for instance the CT360 CD-transport. An USB input with own PCM and DSD converter and low jitter Clock. All disciplines have own vM Super Q-Clock buffers, so four together. No matter which input format is offered, the asynchronous SRC lets the two mono DAC chips always work in its most optimal frequency and resolution. The converter has two analog stereo outputs, one is balanced XLR and one unbalanced RCA.

• Stereo PCM and DSD DA-converter
• SPDif input 3 switchable between XLR and RCA
• SPDif inputs 4 and 5 switchable between RCA and optical
• Q-link for high grade i2s connections for PCM
• USB-B input 8 with own converter for PCM and DSD
• 2 DA-converter chips, dual mono and balanced, symmetrical
• Balanced XLR and RCA phono gold plated analog outputs
• Very musical performance, extreme low distortion
• Gold contact relays in switch and muting circuits
• Remote control functions for inputs, mute and standby
• Front plate: silver / black

SPDif inputs RCA / XLR

24bit - 192kHz 75 / 110 Ohms

SPDif inputs optical

24bit - 96kHz Toslink

Q-Link inputs 6 / 7

i2s CD format / i2s PCM

USB input 8 PCM / DSD

32bit - 384kHz / 2.8MHz - 12.2MHz


32bit - 192kHz

Output voltage nom.

2.4 Volt

Output impedance

< 50 Ohms

Signal / noise ratio

> 126 dB


< 0.0018 % / 0.1 -130.000 Hz

Power supply

230-240 Volt / 50-60 Hz

Power consumption

10/25 Watt standby/on


9.0 kg

Size w x h(+feet) x d

434 x 88 (102) x 395 mm