Duevel Sirius

This Omni-directional Horn-speaker is the ultimate expression of Duevel technology. The Sirius reigns supreme among all speakers. 5 watts of SET amplification will wake the ultimate power locked within the massive Jove. Listen and become captivated by the ultimate expression of live music in your home. The final realization of recorded music's intent, to bring you back to the original venue in which the music was first played. Thunderous bass, glorious mids and soaring highs fill large listening spaces with the thunder of blistering rock and roll to the sublime velvety blackness of an orchestra poised at the conductors baton.

You will find many more expensive transducers in the realm of high-end audio, but none with the near mythological prowess of Sirius. Hearing your favorite music through the Sirius is something that cannot be forgotten cannot be duplicated. Duevel's are no ordinary loudspeakers. Let the music be your master. Will you heed his master's voice?


  • Die cas speaker chassis
  • Tweeter nomex voice coil former
  • Composite nitride-titanium tweeter diaphragm
  • Woofer external neodymium magnet assembly
  • Exclusive Carbon fibre reinforced straight ribbed woofer cone
  • Woofer Double Demodulating Rings (DDR)


buk, černý jasan, třešeň, javor, bříza, hrušeň, očkový javor, padouk, bubinga

606850 Kč na objednávku

černý klavírní lak, ořechová kořenice, makasarský eben, tineo

633350 Kč na objednávku

difuzory v lesklé černé

26500 Kč na objednávku
tweeter weight

3.6 kg

tweeter diameter

131 mm

tweeter voice coil diameter

75 mm

neodymium ring magnet

130 mm

woofer weight

6.2 kg

woofer diameter

315 mm

woofer voice coil diameter

100 mm

woofer 16 Neodymium magnets

26 mm


6 Ohm


93 dB SPL

Power handling

400 W RMS

Beamwidth ±3dB



360 mm


360 mm


1400 mm


75 kg