Actinote Sonata Digit RCA

The Sonata digital cable has a whole series of ingenious originality to reduce significant ways malfunctions caused by electromagnetic, electrostatic and vibration disturbances, while improving the conduction characteristics of the signals.

The S/PDIF version particularly specific connectors have a number of characteristics, such as, first, a rhodium plating. This connector has exceptional mechanical strength for perfect contact. The contact resistance is ultra-low. Balanced mass of the central pin and of the collar greatly reduced capacitance. The one-piece design ensures a high mechanical integrity and the body natural wood a total absence of resonance.

The cables of the Sonata line require specific implementation:

Indeed, the shields are electrically connected to the ground of your system, thanks to flexible thin wires, in order to achieve equipotential bonding. This highly efficient system cancels all interference currents and improves the signal / noise ratio.

To optimize this process, it is strongly recommended to use the strip Actinote Aria, which is equipped with a ground terminal provided for this purpose.


Sonata Digit RCA 83, koaxiální (83 cm)

12852 Kč na objednávku

Sonata Digit RCA 130, koaxiální (130 cm)

14310 Kč na objednávku