Stravinsky "Rite of Spring", "Apollon Musagète"

Label: Exton
Genre: Classical


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Release date: March 26, 2008
Medium: SACD Hybrid Stereo - Direct Cut
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SACD Hybrid Stereo


The Rite of Spring - Complete Ballet (Version 1947)
Part I. Adoration of the earth
The augurs of spring - Dances of young girls3:11
Ritual of abduction1:23
Spring round dances3:47
Ritual of rival tribes1:51
Procession of the sage0:41
Adoration of the earth0:21
Dance of the earth1:17
Part II. The Sacrifice
Mystic circles of the young girls3:11
Glorification of the chosen one1:29
Evocation of the Ancestors0:39
Ritual action of the Ancestors3:23
Sacrificial Dance (The chosen one)4:44
Apollon Musagète - Ballet Music (Version 1947)
Scene 1. No. 1. Prologue: The birth of Apollon4:49
Scene 2. No. 2. Variation of Apollon (Apollon and the Muses)2:33
Scene 2. No. 3. Pas d'action (Apollon and the three Muses)4:17
Scene 2. No. 4. Variation of Calliope (l'Alexandrin)1:39
Scene 2. No. 5. Variation of Polymnie1:19
Scene 2. No. 6. Variation of Terpsichore1:24
Scene 2. No. 7. Variation of Apollon2:18
Scene 2. No. 8. Pas de deux (Apollon and Terpsichore)3:57
Scene 2. No. 9. Coda (Apollon and the Muses)3:20
Scene 2. No. 10. Apotheosis3:55