Gold Note Demidoff Signature Anniversary

The Demidoff Signature Anniversary is a single ended multi transformers solid state stereo integrated amplifier completely handcrafted to achieve the best possible performance.

The Demidoff Signature new generation features a top quality preamp stage providing a gain stage made with a proprietary special cascode differential amplifier employing a mirror current. This configuration produces a super-linear signal, virtually eliminating distortion.
It uses most of the best circuit designs ever created by Gold Note including the proprietary Mirror-Amp™ and the multi transformers inductive power supply.

The audio signal path is wired with solid core OFC copper bars providing super conductive audio signal path with the lowest skin effect possible.

The Demidoff Signature Anniversary features a Double Mono Active Volume Control system developed using a Texas Instruments PGA2310 devices feature superior quality and control stepped at 0.5dB finely managed by high precision 0.1% resistors.

Unit price

6750 EUR