Van Medevoort Audio vM PH360


The Van Medevoort PH360 stereo phono pre amplifier is built with very fast discrete class “A” line stages. Completely symmetrical and double differential designed with bi-polar semi conductors. With the XLR balanced outputs, this handles the most optimal connection between phono cartridge and control amplifier, but also a very musical reproduction quality for each kind of music. With jazz, pop and classical this results in a most realistic dynamics, focus and spaciousness. Input impedance and amplification are settable by front switches. The housing is extremely strong built with a nice finish. Internally provided with a stabilized power supply for direct connecting to the mains. Optional deliverable with vM Silver Cables, signal and/or mains


• Stereo phono pre amplifier
• For MM and MC cartridges
• Switchable gain and impedance
• Excellent transient response
• Very musical performance, extreme low distortion
• Audiophile components, special film capacitors
• vM Silver Cable wiring
• Gold plated relays contacts and connectors
• Silver / black finished front plate

Amp channels:


Input impedance MC / MM:

100-1000 / 10-100 Ohms / 47kOhms

Input voltage:

0.3 mV / 3.0 mV - 1 kHz

RIAA control:

< 0.3 dB

Signal / noise ratio:

-83 dB / -93 dB


1 Hz - 100 kHz

Channel separation:

> 91 dB


60 dB / 40 dB - 1 kHz

Subsonic filter:

6 Hz / -3 dB

Power supply:

115-230 Volt / 50-60 Hz

Power consumption:

25 Watt


8.5 kg

Size b x h (h+feet) x d:

434 x 88 (102) x 395 mm