Gold Note Firenze Il Magnifico

The Firenze Il Magnifico is the definitive benchmark interconnect cable designed by Gold Note. It is made with solid core pure silver cryogenically treated multi conductors and fitted in a Gold Note proprietary design geometry using sealed Elastollan® air tube filled with a special thick mineral oil working as dielectric, that also damps the conductor’s energy vibration.

The Firenze Il Magnifico features an active battery grounding system to perfectly shield the cable virtually blocking all external magnetic and electrical interferences RFI/EMI.

The cable also features a genuine balanced design and custom made pure rhodium treated connectors.

The Firenze Il Magnifico guarantees unsurpassed performance and superior audio purity for a lifetime of listening pleasure.


1 m

6500.00 EUR na objedn├ívku

50 cm extra

2000.00 EUR na objedn├ívku