Gold Note Fiorino USB

The luxury boxed Fiorino USB is a high-end audio asynchronous 24/192 high resolution USB to Coaxial S/Pdif Converter. It features a top quality design USB peripheral with 480Mb/s High Speed Port that enhances the audio performance of computers and streamers.

The Fiorino USB is a truly native audio format converter supporting all audio format and codec supported up to Fs 192khz.

The Fiorino USB is an user friendly self-powered unit. It does not require any driver setup for all Apple computers and devices while the Windows drivers are available from free through the Gold Note website main menu.

The Fiorino USB is supplied with a high-quality USB 2.0 Gold Note cable to guarantee best audio performance.

Due to its high-end audio quality USB peripheral based around the top class XMOS chip-set XS1-L01A, the Fiorino USB is a great quality unit enhancing the audio performance of any Digital to Analogue Converter even already equipped with USB port.

Cena: 280.00 EUR