Actinote Mezzo HP

Of flat form consisting of four independent copper conductors of high quality, and of different nature, the Mezzo speaker cable is a highly successful entry level realization. Its advanced design combines simplicity, functionality and comfort implementation without forgetting its original purpose, namely listening respecting the spirit of the music. Its design allows easy and aesthetic integration in all facilities. Mezzo HP is available by meter, but we also offer fully assembled cable sets with our banana-type connectors plugs. It is in this second proposition that the best results are achieved.


Mezzo LS 317 – 2 x 3,17 m

260.00 EUR na objednávku

Mezzo LS 423 – 2 x 4,23 m

290.00 EUR na objednávku

Mezzo LS 530 – 2 x 5,30 m

325.00 EUR na objednávku

price for 1 m

15.00 EUR na objednávku