Actinote Mezzo Digit XLR

Mezzo Digit XLR is a digital cable to the AES/EBU standard (Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union). It is equipped with Neutrik XLR.

Mezzo Digit XLR is used to perform most of digital links in the best conditions. Actinote attaches to a greater respect for the transmission of signals, and their preservation, with powerful insulation.

Mezzo Digit series guarantees every digital link a stream of perfect integrity, for sound reproduction free of harmful jitter events.


Mezzo Digit XLR 83, AES EBU (83 cm)

118.00 EUR na objedn├ívku

Mezzo Digit XLR 130, AES EBU (130 cm)

128.00 EUR na objedn├ívku