Van Medevoort Audio vM PFM2

The Van Medevoort PFM2. Electrical devices reflect constantly their distortion pulses on the power grid and
effect with that negatively the sound quality of your audio set. The different audio devices, which should be
supplied with clean 230V / 50Hz, function better (read: sound better) without all this internal and external
distorting pulses. The vM PFM2 is a broad spectrum power line filter, which among others, as mentioned
before, mains distortion problems decreases and definitively reduced. This model is designed for the middle
and lower power consumptions and is supplied in a luxurious finish fitting in the new module line. Because
these filters don’t have control panels or even a power switch, is it not necessary to locate this device directly
in control range. The filter can simply be put in a suitable place.
Also your video equipment will have positive advantage with the vM PFM2.


  • multiple filtering
  • very low internal resistance
  • high damping in and above the audiospectrum
  • over voltage protection
  • symmetrical filtering
  • phase indication
  • special film capacitors
  • C-core transformer and air cores
  • vM Silver Wire wiring
  • extreme low distortion
  • digital and analog connections (bi-wiring)
  • black structure finish, front plate silver


18200 Kč


Filtering multiple
Load max. 4 Amp. (230 V)
Power load continuous 1000 Watt max.
Power load peak 1500 Watt max.
Power consumption no load 30 Watt
Over voltage protection > 250 Volt
Connections in / out 1 euro / 2 euro + gnd
Power supply 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Housing aluminium and steel
Finish black / silver
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions w x h x d 120 x 120 x 200 mm