Gold Note Tuscany Gold

The exclusive design of the Tuscany Gold features an extra thin Micro Ridge diamond tip developed with Adamant-Namiki, the world most famous professional Diamond manufacturer. The Micro Ridge diamond tip special multi faced shape cut guarantees the best deep vinyl groove contact available today.

The diamond tip is mechanically inserted and blocked into the new telescopic Boron cantilever hold by a Titanium pipe increases the rigidity of the structure.

The Titanium pipe is finely machined from a single block of metal in 4 spokes that handle the cartridge silver micro coils hilt by a Teflon spacer enabling great rigidity while allowing a perfect alignment building precision to get the best tracking ability.

The non deformable harmonic steel cantilever suspension is blocked with a gold plated nut on the bottom side of the crossbar gold case positioned behind the micro-coils Teflon spacer rigidly blocked to the structure avoiding unwanted vibration affect the perfect solid groove tracking ability of the cartridge.

The Tuscany Gold cube designed body offers a gorgeous structural rigidity while allowing a very intuitive and precise VTA adjustment easy to see flat bottom line.

The 7050 alloy increased lighted body of the cartridge is strategically injected with fluid polymers to provide a pronounced dampening control effect.

The redesigned thinner and longer gold plated pin connectors enable a wider better contact with arm cinch, a better contact stops energy dispersion while enabling better grounding for a more silent music background to reach all minor details of the music the best.

The Tuscany Gold extra light precision hand-wrapped pure silver micro-coils enable 4ohm internal impedance and 0.25mV output level may be driven by quality active MC phono preamplifier without the need of Step-Up transformers.

The Italian high quality finishes and exotic design of the Tuscany Gold last for a lifetime pleasure of music listening for the real highest demand.

Please Note: to preserve the uniqueness all Tuscany Gold cartridges have the serial number indelibly printed in the engraved area of the top of the cartridge body.


189800 Kč