Gold Note Mediterraneo

Gold Note Mediterraneo

The beauty and technical innovation of the Mediterraneo turntable clearly demonstrate Italian flair and distinction having an evident legacy of strong Tuscan origins where the traditional emphasis on beauty combines with the greatest attention to technical perfection.

The Mediterraneo design features a 60mm thick curved plinth of aged original Italian olive or walnut wood. Such unique woods are well known for their exceptional elasticity, strength and high density being at the same time evocative of Tuscany, one of the most recognizable places in the world, thus creating a strong union between the finished product and the skilful local craftsmen who made the plinth by hand.

The curved plinth is wisely cut in the inner side to find the perfect tuning of the wood interfaced with a 3mm stainless steel shaped board threaded to the massive wooden curved plinth in 18 strategic points tune the whole structure completed with 20mm thick black polished acrylic handles the recessed electronic board in the inner side while being able to lower the total turntable frequency resonance as well.
The wonderful exclusive Olive and Walnut woods of the plinth are coming only by Italian 50 years old trees, necessary because it is built in a single giant single piece of wood 80mm thick, 400mm deep and 500mm large. The wood is aged 8 years before machining to preserve the best structural stability.

The curved wooden plinth is been elaborated after years of research at the Gold Note engineering labs in order to replace a five times bigger mass plinth having a more traditional rectangular shape structure; the extra rigidity of the not parallel curves of the plinth allows a sophisticated technical tuned design and a great exclusive look as well.

The turntable lays on three massive aluminium adjustable spikes designed for the Mediterraneo in order to keep a solid rigid coupling to the shelf.
The Mediterraneo features a new 12Volt synchronous motor electronically controlled by the PWM design by Gold Note derived from the exotic Bellagio turntables.
The PWM – Pulse Width Modulator – transforms the power voltage in AC-DC-AC mode, enhancing the best coupling of the two AC semi-waves for a perfect working literally annulling any motor resistance and vibration allowing the highest motor torque at the same time. The Power Supply of the motor electronically controls the 33rpm, the 45rpm and the fine speed adjust keeping the selection permanently in the turntable memory even without AC power.
The new perfectly polished hourglass shaped motor pulley also allows the turntable belt spins very smoothly reducing the wow&flutter and noise as never before.

The 80mm long platter Spindle/bearing comes directly from the top quality design of the Bellagio Reference; it is fully recessed into the acrylic top plinth in order to keep the thick platter as closest as possible to the turntable structure reducing the turbulences generated by the rotation having a virtual zero vibration and noise.
The platter is 45mm thick of black Sustarin, a special material based on PTE polymer; rigid but deaf at the same time, it features an extraordinary ability to reduce vibration feedback while the high mass helps a regular rotational stability.
The platter is designed to stay only 3mm closed to the turntable plinth. Such small platter/plinth interference allows reducing turbulence featuring the greatest noiseless functionality.

The Mediterraneo redefines the traditional skill of transferring into an audio item the essence of the “air” and “ground” from which the main inspiration of its design comes.
From the outset a special shape not only influences sound performance but also reminds one of the elegance and impetuous power of sea waves. The choice of materials shows a dedication to the native ground going beyond the musical dimension of the product.

Wooden Curved Plinth Exotic Design
The main plinth is made of special 60mm Tuscan Olive or aged Walnut handcrafted curved wood to enable extra rigidity and vibrational control. Only 50 years old trees make the Mediterraneo plinth because of the giant single piece of wood used. The wood is aged 8 years before machining to preserve the best structural stability.

Triple tuned Plinths for the best audio purity
The Mediterraneo plinth is made of 3 tuned plinths made of one 60mm curved wood, one 3mm stainless steel and one 20mm black acrylic, interfaced each other to have the best vibrational control.

Redefinition of Turntable Motor Power Control
The Mediterraneo features a power control generator based on PWM technology – Pulse Width Modulation. The PWM power drive generates the power AC-DC-AC enabling the best coupling of the two AC semi-wave for a perfect coupling literally annulling any motor resistance and vibration, allowing the highest motor torque the same.

High Precision Platter Bearing/Spindle
The Mediterraneo features a 80mm long platter bearing/spindle with one of the best coupling tolerance available on the market. The spindle is made of the hardest carbon steel hardened with a boiling oil process. After the boiling process the spindle is rectified and polished to guarantee a perfect working fluidity. The bearing is made of polished bronze featuring a 1/100 millimetre tolerance to guarantee the smoothest platter rotation.

High Mass & Deaf design Platter
The High Mass Platter of the Mediterraneo is made of a special ultra deaf material made of pure PTE polymer guarantees a stable rotational stability working even against the vibration feedback to enhance the best audio performance.
The platter is designed to stay only 3mm closed to the turntable plinth. Such small platter/plinth interference allows reducing turbulence featuring the greatest noiseless functionality.

Convenient package set up option
Includes the acclaimed B5.1 Gold Note tone arm and ultra transparent handcrafted Dust Cover already set up.


152100 Kč


Wow & Flutter 0,02%
Rumble -82dB
Speed 33-1/3 and 45 rpm +/-0,1%
Speed changing electronic with fine pitch control
Transmission 70 shores elasticity rectified black polyvinyl belt
Motor 12 Volt High Torque synchronous externally powered
Platter ultra Deaf Design Sustarin® 45mm height
Platter spindle special Split-Spindle™ clamping the platter
Platter bearing finely polished bronze
Cartridge refer to the specific model in the correct market area
Mains supply 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz, depending on market destination and not convertible
Power consumption 20W max
Upgrades Optional
External AC filter Lucca Power Distributor
Other Gold Note Lucca power chord
Dimensions 470mm L x 210mm H x 360mm D
Weight 25kg