Gold Note Bobolino

The Bobolino is the new DIM phono cartridge features high internal impedance and high gain to achieve great sound performance matched with any MM phono preamplifier.
The Bobolino aluminum alloy light and rigid cantilever handles a precision Elliptical diamond for perfect structural rigidity.
The cantilever suspension is made by a double elastic polymer inserted into a brass pipe to eliminate vibrations enhancing the best tracking ability.
The Bobolino features a light dampened Delrin body having a mass of only 7.5gram enables super vibration control and easy tone-arm matching both.
Due to its 600ohm impedance and 3.0mV output level the Bobolino can be easily matched with any active phono preamp MM at 47kΩ

Please Note: to preserve the uniqueness all Bobolino cartridges have the serial number indelibly engraved on the cartridge body.


10660 Kč