Gold Note A-6 XL

The Gold Note A6-XL is a 90dB speaker performing two 5” recessed paper Mid-Bass drivers, one 1” elliptical silk dome tweeter and one 6” carbon fiber/paper internal symmetrical sub-woofer put in a separate sealed chamber linked by a new proprietary triple bass reflex designed to enhance bass extension though obtained in a conveniently slim cabinet.

The 5” custom paper treated drivers feature massive magnets capable of controlling high power and a very extended bass response. The two front visible drivers are designed to work in series, they are recessed to enable a horn loading raising the efficiency and the power ability. In order to provide exceptionally fast transient response, yet retaining full and natural music reproduction, the two mid-bass drivers are driven by a crossover working in a range of 3000Hz/150Hz where the 6” carbon fiber/paper symmetrical subwoofer starts working. The subwoofer driver features a large magnet and custom strong suspension treated membrane able to achieve great extended bass power control. It works in two separates sealed chambers at the bottom of the speaker and features a specifically designed separated crossover network.

The tweeter is a 1” elliptical silk dome featuring an aluminum extra rigid flange that reproduces clean high frequencies even at high volume levels, as a result of the custom design specifically tuned for such speaker design.

The speaker cabinet is tuned through three large aluminum side and top recessed vibrating panels guarantee a greater bass extension. The panels are blocked into the speaker cabinet with 20 threaded steel bars properly tuned with through holes to let them work as “Virtual Passive Drivers” to enable the bass extension down to a huge 35Hz. The panels are available in brushed black or silver aluminum finish or covered with real Italian leather.
The main structure of the speaker is high quality lacquered in black matte or grand piano glossy to match modern and stylish living room. The speaker lays on a double boomerang shape massive steel stand hooked, each, with three anchoring recessed screws.

The stands lays on 4 custom large easily adjustable spikes to guarantee the best possible floor matching and vibrational control.

The A6-XL can play at low and high volume pressure with smooth naturalness. Due to its great powerful subwoofer design the relatively small elegant A6-XL loudspeakers can fit small but even large rooms with the same great quality.


117000 Kč