Gold Note A-3 XO

The A-3 XO mini monitor 2 way bass reflex is a bookshelf loudspeaker featuring a 5” treated paper mid-woofer driver complementing a 1” pure silk dome tweeter.

The 5” mid-woofer is made under strict specifications, it is a special treated paper unit providing an exceptionally fast transient response, yet retaining full music reproduction naturalness. The driver is recessed to have a horn loading helps bass extension and power though getting perfectly detailed music reproduction.
The tweeter is a 1” elliptical silk dome featuring an aluminium extra rigid flange that reproduces clean high frequencies even at high volume levels, as a result of the custom design specifically tuned for such a speaker design.

Even the A-3 XO small size shape, the front double bass reflex design allows the speaker to play conveniently placed on stand or shelf close to the rear wall. The custom aluminium reflex pipes are designed to minimize turbulence and unwanted sound interactions enabling to play very natural though powerful and detailed.


38870 Kč